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Carolyn O’Neill

As a self-described Stoked Coach, Carolyn O’Neill has over a decade of experience empowering emerging lady leaders to start living into their bigger dream life by activating a worthy mindset so they can confidently grow their business, get visible and get paid. Carolyn is a Mindset Coach & Business Mentor who helps accelerate business growth for female entrepreneurs. Her proven signature 1:1 coaching program, The Stoked Approach© has allowed brand new and seasoned online business owners, coaches & creatives to find their own voice and understand sustainable mindset tools for building a thriving business with confidence, alignment, and profitability. She is on a mission to change the paradigm of how women view themselves in the world, by the businesses they create in it. Empowering emerging female leaders to activate their own influence, impact & lifestyle while making money doing what they love.