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Carolyn Colling

Carolyn Colling is a Mindset Coach and Personal Development Strategist. She mentors women in their lives and business, helping them to understand their own paradigms and unique blue print. By having a better understanding of their individual blocks, core beliefs and the restrictions associated with them, it becomes possible to rescript their belief system to embrace the success they so rightly deserve.


After the loss of both her parents at a young age and dealing with a difficult divorce in 2007 Carolyn was desperate to take control and responsibility for her life . She hired a Life Coach and immersed herself in mindset work. Learning that in order to change anything we have to better understand what we are attracting and why. She learned how to make conscious decisions rather than being reactive to all that was surrounding her. She learned about her own specific paradigm and how to lift the veil of distorted perceptions. Through her own self study she found her passion and life’s purpose and teaches others to do the same.