Guest Profile

Carl Mason

My name is Carl Mason. At 55, I’m living my best life on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. 
Life wasn’t always so good! 
Through a traumatic childhood,  to cancer, and even blindness, I discovered, and now teach, how to align with Truth, Source and Life. Within them lies every provision required for us to live healthy, vibrant and abundant lives.  
Having attained miraculous healing, I have spent the last 26 years cancer free, and empower others to achieve the same. Greater still, teaching them how to live the life they were created and destined to live.
Life was never designed to be lived in lack, illness, overwhelm or any other suppression.
We all have the power within us to overcome and THRIVE regardless of what is presented to us through our journey.
My vision and my mission are to show you the way… in Truth, aligned with Source and for Life.