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Brooke Gassel

Brooke Gassel has jumped into the life of entrepreneurship as co-founder and Creative Director of the CBD company, Lovewell Farms, after a 15-year career as a teacher and education administrator in New York City.  She moved to Providence to escape the hyper-competitive and taxing lifestyle of working in the 9-5 world and has pursued only projects and jobs that are nourishing ever since. She is pursuing her Reiki certification and is a certified yoga and meditation instructor who cares deeply about sharing her experiences of challenge and growth in support of others who long to feel more balanced and healthy. Brooke holds an undergraduate degree from New York University and a Master’s in Education from CUNY, and is excited to finally apply the skills she learned as an educator and project manager to a business in which her heart is fully invested. Mental health and a sex positive attitude are two of her biggest commitments in life, as she believes that normalizing and destigmatizing these topics will do wonders for society at large. Equally important is her desire to try on new and unconventional modes of living and loving in order to challenge the prescriptive modern lifestyle and strike a balance that’s tailored for the individual. Brooke loves to write, draw, create, entertain, and feed her dog too much table food