Guest Profile

Brisa Alfaro

Brisa's story has been featured by several media outlets including; The Doctors TV Show, The Washington Post, Woman's World Magazine, FOX, NBC, CBS, and her #1 International bestselling book "Limitless." Recently Brisa had the opportunity to share her story on a TEDx stage in Maryland! However, while she believes that all this recognition is nice, this is NOT why she shares her story. 

It was nine years ago when she experienced a Brain Stem Stroke. As a result of the stroke she developed “Locked-in Syndrome” at 32 years old. Brisa was locked in her body and unable to communicate while facing the seemingly insurmountable odds of a less than 1% chance to recover. With less than 5 cases of L.I.S. reported each year (WORLD WIDE) she was finding it very difficult to remain hopeful.


However, through a series of small actionable steps, Brisa was able to defy all expectations and made a full recovery! Now, her passion lies in sharing her story to help others who may also feel stuck or locked in their circumstances.