Guest Profile

Bree Yatkowitz M.Ed

Bree Hope is a conscious parenting and child coach. She has a background as a certified life coach and former elementary school teacher with a Master’s degree in education. Bree has lived and taught in seven countries, working closely with students, parents, and administrators to bring a more holistic approach to education centered on students’ well-being, social-emotional health, and soul. In 2020, Breeopened BREE HOPE, LLC to guide parents in claiming their own power, find their unique voice, and trust in their skills and knowledge as a parent using conscious parenting tools and energetic coaching methods. Separately, Bree leads workshops and one on one coaching sessions with students ages 8-18 to help them uncover their own unique gifts, connect with their source, power, intuition, while giving them language to identify what they feel, thereby advocating for their needs. It is Bree’s mission to see parents feel empowered and trust in their guidance for their children as well as raise children who grow up feeling safe in our ever-changing world and society.