Guest Profile

Barbara Biziou

Barbara gives you the tools to make simple choices that lead to big changes. As the author of The Joy of Ritual, and The Joys of Family Rituals she is a leading expert in integrative wellness, global rituals and work-life harmony. She has had the privilege of lecturing around the world and learning from many different cultures. Barbara has a deep commitment to integrating practical spirituality into people's lives, both personally and professionally.

Barbara's DVD program Momentary Meditations has taught people how to calm their minds and bodies while improving their focus and creativity. She guides her clients to a happier, harmonious, more productive, and successful life. She coaches women and men to create new possibilities and ways of looking at the world- gently stretching you out of your comfort zone into a more enriched focused life. Barbara helps you discover your limiting beliefs and ignite significant change and life transformation through effective and strategic communication, practical spirituality, and relationship building skills.

Her clients range from young powerful women and men who appear to have it all, housewives, young mothers, and baby-boomers in transitions - from goddess warriors to bottle-washers. Barbara has enriched the lives of a wide-range of corporate clients including: the International Red Cross, Lippe Taylor, Women in Communication, Lord & Taylor, Coca-Cola, Avon Spa, Morgan Stanley, Equinox Gym and Weight Watchers. She is on the faculty of the AMA, Creating WE Institute, One Spirit Learning Alliance and the New York Open Center.
Barbara is a renowned national TV personality, she was the featured life coach on the hit series 30 Day airing on FX , and appeared regularly as the everyday ritual expert on The Hallmark Channel's New Morning. Barbara has also been featured in Today in NY, Body& Soul, Harper's Bazaar, New York Magazine and Parents Magazine. She is passionate about helping people understand their respective selves and live the life of their dreams