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I’m originally from San Jose, CA (went to SJSU) and moved to Mckinney, TX in 2017. I’m married to a wonderful, patient man who I’ve known since middle school and we have three kiddos together.

My body image issues began in Kindergarten at age 6. I started gaining some confidence in middle school through dancing - my passion at the time, but compared my body to others A LOT.

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 16, an autoimmune disease. Food was a coping mechanism for me. And after high school, I put on even more weight. I had a lot of bad habits and found a love of being able to drive thru fast-food joints whenever I wanted. There may have been a lot of alcohol in there as well. I dieted down to a decent weight for my wedding, but still felt disappointed that I wasn’t at my “goal”. Fast forward to my 1st pregnancy – I gained 55 lbs. People kept saying it would come off easy. Nope - not for me. Then with my 2nd pregnancy, I gained 50 lbs… AGAIN. I’d start out “being good,” but my binge eating was out of control toward the last few months of my pregnancy.

After my daughter was born, I decided this is IT, I am DONE making excuses and feeling bad about myself. I was determined to fix my relationship with food. I practiced eating mindfully & intuitively along with regular exercise to slowly but surely shed the pounds. I weighed in the 130s for the first time in my adult life! I felt fit, strong and so confident.

From there, I had two miscarriages and another baby. After a huge rollercoaster of emotions, I knew exactly what I had to do to get back to those 130’s. I reminded myself that it didn’t need to be FAST. One thing in my stage of life was missing though: accountability. So naturally I posted all about my journey on Instagram like all normal people do (lol).

I am so incredibly passionate about helping people feel good about themselves because for so long I DIDN’T!! I am all too familiar with that insecure, unhappy feeling. And I believe…above all else – accountability and support is KEY.

I use what I’ve learned on my own up and down journey and apply it in my health coach training to support others in getting where they want to be! I KNOW how difficult and sometimes frustrating this journey can be. It is necessary to have someone looking out for you to help you trust the process. My goal is to make it as painless as possible for you – without dieting.