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Artie Hoffman

Artie Hoffman has been a master-level psychic/medium and spiritual advisor for over two decades, and has helped change the lives of thousands of individuals who have turned to him for answers and guidance. His strong faith and natural intuitiveness, coupled with his ability to provide emotional understanding, makes him the preeminent spiritual therapist with foresight.

A nationally renowned speaker, healer, and radio personality, Artie's weekly radio show, Angels and Answers, gives listeners a chance to connect with him from anywhere in the U.S. People call in to discuss a variety of topics from love and relationships, career/finances, and family life, to communicating with their deceased loved ones. Due to his enormous popularity and amazing accuracy with listeners, Artie has also been a featured regular on NJ 101.5, Cat Country 107.3 and Buzz Radio.

Artie has performed his spiritual shows throughout the United States, has performed at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City numerous times pleasing his audience and was booked to perform at the Palace of Versailles in France. His seminars and workshops are always well attended, drawing a large number of people wanting to gain insight and advice, and to help better themselves.

His clients include some of the top personalities in the movie, music and television industry, as well as sports figures and athletes, and prominent political figures. Artie conducts his one-on-one private readings at his office or over the phone, as well as doing group parties and corporate events around the country.

Artie continues to hone his ability to help those discover their essential selves so that they can make healthy and positive changes in their lives. He also offers psychic development classes to foster the early stages of a budding psychic's path. Artie teaches his pupils to let go of fear, trust in ones "gut" instinct, and learn how to tap into your higher self.

A native "Jersey guy" born on the 4th of July, with chutzpah, compassion and humor, Artie Hoffman truly is "The Hottest Psychic with the Warmest Heart."