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Anthony Losquadro

Anthony Losquadro is the founder and Director of Intaction. He founded the organization in an effort to give children a voice over their body autonomy, and to raise awareness on the importance of an intact body. He says, “Once I understood what our society did to babies I knew this had to be stopped.”

Anthony Losquadro has spoken before the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Senate Joint Committee about circumcision legislation.

He presented “Maximum Impact” and the Foreskin Revolution, a lecture about strategy and communication, at the 15th International Symposium on Genital Autonomy and Children’s Rights in San Francisco on May 7th 2018.

He has also been interviewed on the topic of circumcision by the Times-Picayune, NY Post, NY Post/Andrea Peyser, Vice Media, Fox News, BBC WorldService, KGO-810AM San Francisco, The Independent, FUSION Media, She Knows Media, L’Effet Papillon – CANAL+TV (France), Huffington Post, Village Voice, The Daily Beast,,,, El-Diario NY, El Periodico, News 7 Miami, News 23 Miami, Queens Times-Ledger, Broward Palm Beach Times, Popsugar/, and Arora Free Press.

He has had a varied career as a Merchant Marine Officer, CEO of a petroleum marketing company, and is currently involved with real estate management.

He has served on various boards of directors for local, state, national trade organizations, and community groups.