Guest Profile

Anne Gehman

The Rev. B. Anne Gehman is recognized worldwide as a caring and gifted psychometrist, clairvoyant, clairaudient and healer. She began having psychic experiences as a child. Raised in a Mennonite family, she left home at age 14 to finish her schooling. A life-changing near-death experience led Anne to develop natural gifts, including the ability to predict future events. She is a Spiritualist Teacher, Certified Medium, Commissioned Healer and Missionary. She has served on the NSAC Board of Trustees and on the Board of the Morris Pratt Institute. She was elected to the International Congress of Parapsychologist and Paraphysics in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Her work has taken her throughout South America, India, Bhutan, the U.K., Australia, Canada and the U.S. 

The Rev. Gehman has gained international attention for her help in solving crimes, locating oil and missing persons, healing illnesses, and connecting family members with their loved ones in spirit. She has worked with royal families, top government agencies and officials, police departments, judges, and corporate CEOs, as well as other individuals from all walks of life. 

Anne has been featured in over 39 books. Her life story is told in the published biography, The Priest and the Medium written by Suzanne Giesemann, as well as the unauthorized biography entitled, There is a Purpose. Rev. Gehman was featured in the 2010 HBO movie entitled, No One Dies in Lily Dale. In her most recent book written with Ellen Ratner entitled Self Empowerment-Nine Things the 19th Century Can Teach Us About Living in the 21st, one can learn about the power inside every one of us on a journey toward courage, love and self- empowerment. Anne is listed among the top 50 psychics in the country. She has worked with the University of Arizona, Duke University and through the years has worked with the American and Great Britain Society of Psychically Research, as well as other researchers both in the US and abroad. She has also been written about in magazines like Life, Time, Reader’s Digest and American Mercury. 

The Rev. B. Anne Gehman is one of the Founders of The Knoll Institute for Spiritual Studies, and has a practice of spiritual counseling, healing and teaching.