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Angela Nicastro

Angela is a uniquely gifted healer, spiritual counselor, sought after speaker and visionary for personal and global transformation. Since childhood, Angela has been aware of her unusual insights, visions and other-worldly senses, while learning to live her life walking and understanding language through multi-dimensionality. Evolving over many years this heightened state of abstract awareness allows Angela to help others discover and live their highest potential through her own form of Alchemic Transformational Healing and Organic Astrological insight. Blending together Science, Spirituality and Psychic Awareness, Angela naturally "reads" the Genetically Encoded Language of the DNA, viewing and interpreting the experiences of each Soul from the past, present and future.

Angela is also a Soul Portrait Energy Artist. She is available for private sessions, lectures and commissioned Soul Portraits. Angela has also developed a weekly web-cast, Into The VoidUncensored with Angela Nicastro, airing every Monday evening from 8:30 10 PM ET on Angela is currently Managing Director, Division of Empathic Medicine, The Estuary in Bergen County, New Jersey.
Angela can be reached at 862.248.0006 or at
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