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Amy Ruskin

Amy Ruskin is an entertainment lawyer, who resides in Los Angeles. She currently works for CBS on "The Talk." She and her partner, Annie Price, are on a journey to adopt a child.

Amy's bio, by her partner Annie Price:

What I love most about Amy is her big heart. She is so caring and kind, smart and funny, and a great listener. Above all, she is so creative. Amy is a social butterfly and is always planning get-togethers with family and friends. She is level headed and reliable, yet silly enough to keep me laughing every day.

Amy can't wait to share her love of travel with our child, and she is already collecting childrens books to read to the baby every night. Amy is also excited to share her love of music with our baby, and fill our home with her singing and piano playing. Amy works as an entertainment attorney and loves the creativity she is able to bring to her work every day. Her office is right across the street from our house and she is able to work from home frequently.