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Amalia Natalio Colyer

Amalia Natalio Colyer brings beauty, healing and Kindness into the world with her handmade, fair trade jewelry and inspirational apparel which are the foundation of her business, Karmic Kindness. Amalia also offers clarity and loving support through her Soulful Life workshops and Soulful Life retreats. She utilizes her knowledge of stone/crystal energy, Reiki, Ho'oponopono healing, energy/chakra healing, meditation & movement, tarot/oracle cards, astrology and moon cycles along with her intuition to foster connection and forward movement in any areas of life that need a little extra care. For a more personalized approach to her Soulful Life philosophy, she also offers 1:1 guidance/coaching. As a mom of four, Amalia is well acquainted with the stress epidemic many teens face today. She trained with YoKid to learn and share simple yoga and meditation techniques specifically geared towards teens and completed training through the At-Risk Suicide Prevention Training Program to recognize and assist middle and high school kids in distress. This inspired workshops and ultimately a book; De-Stress for Success: Simple Strategies to Stress Less which will be released on Amazon in early 2019.