Guest Profile

Allen David Reed and Tahnee Woolf

American-born  Allen David Reed   is a true global thinker, polymath and visionary. He was a pioneer in the field of virtual reality in Silicon Valley; has worked as an architect, builder, urban planner and environmental landscape designer; has extensive training in applied and quantum physics and all branches of science; is a historian, political analyst and philosopher deeply schooled and studied in divination science and the esoteric gnostic arts; and is also a master dowser and shamanic intuitive.  He has a genius for pattern recognition, problem solving and for seeing truths that others don’t see.


Australian Tahnee Woolf is a modern 'Renaissance woman'. She has been a corporate lawyer, Oxford scholar, screenwriter, radio show host, personal development coach, workshop facilitator, Feldenkrais Practitioner, high level writer,  inspirational speaker and public speaking mentor.  She is a gifted communicator, storyteller, wordsmith and linguist, is highly skilled at reading human dynamics in all forms, loves to hold space for deep sharing and growth in others, thrives on laughter and joy, and is a heart opener and inspirational spirit.