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AKAHDAHMAH is a Whole-listic Health Educator and an Optimal Living Advisor. He specializes in advising Healers, Business & Entertainment Professionals, & Yoga Teachers as well as those that know they need to take responsibility for remembering how to live a life of peace, joy, abundance, health and service.

He is a 5th generation plant and spirit medicine man, inheriting the legacy from his Great Aunt Mamie, a pinewoods plant and spirit medicine woman in Alabama.

In 1985 he left his pre-medical studies to search for the truth of our bodies sacred function and ability. Years of meditation and indigenous purification ceremonies led him, in 1994, to study with Max Borisoff a retired orthopedic Assistant, Digestive Physiology Researcher and founder of the Herbal Ministry in Los Angeles, Ca.

Akahdahmah completed a 5-year training in Herbal Formulation and Holistic Counseling, and was ordained as a Healing Minister in 2000. Akahdahmah returned to receive his Biology degree from Montclair State University in 2004.

Akahdahmah is the creator of the Sacred Physiology Training Method
Sacred Physiology Training promotes a functional awareness of the creative power of our spiritually integrated biological design. It is a multifaceted health education system that reveals the relationship between our destiny, our bodys sacred function, and our unique electromagnetic nutritional needs on the path of rejuvenation.
He is co-founder of Indigenous Health Collective, Herban Shaman Medicine Music Project and Subconscious Alignment Technique.
Akahdahmah customizes, whole living training programs, super food and herbal formulas that empower people into co-creating a life style that generates awareness of Love, health, peace, abundance, confidence and balanced living.

Akahdahmah is on a mission to introduce people to loving self as the journey of knowing self. To know your TRUE self develops a personal relationship with the Source of your breath. This is the path of honoring our life as a gift so we can experience the nourishing fulfillment of restoring balance to our body and the world.

Akahdahmah is presently researching the regenerative power of our body through life energy cultivating movement and nutrition as sustainable health care practice. He is completing his Masters in Holistic Nutrition, and teaching, Sacred Movement classes at Elevation, in Los Angeles, go to He is sought after to teach privately and in groups the Sacred Physiology Training Method. Akahdahmah lectures and teaches in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York and St Croix, London and Nantes, France.