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Adrienne Collins

Adrienne Collins has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and a Master of Teaching Degree in Early Childhood Education. Over the span of fourteen years, she has taught students in a number of Title I public school districts across the continental United States, to include Hawaii. With a reputation for creative lesson plans, passionate instruction, and exceptional classroom management skills, she attributes her students’ impeccable success rate to holistic education.


She is dedicated to the betterment of our youth and the future of our education system by making it her mission to serve students by placing empowerment at the forefront of her teaching agenda. She has earned the title of being the first African American ‘Teacher of the Year’ for Cedar Hill Elementary School and was ranked one of the top 20 educators, out of 17,000 for the Gwinnett County Public School system in Georgia – a system of world-class schools and winners of the Broad Prize for Urban Education.


Adrienne gets her inspiration from listening to spiritual teachers and leaders of all walks of life. As a mother and military spouse, she makes it her personal goal to live and manifest each day with good intentions, positive purpose and gratitude for each great day.