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Adrienne Cobb

My Wild Magic with Adrienne
Wednesdays 2pm PT / 5pm ET


My Wild Magic with Adrienne Cobb will take you on a journey back home to your truest self in this inspiring, enlightening, and entertaining show. You have a choice. A choice to continue living your life scared and confused or to connect with us and learn. Learn how to unconditionally love yourself and how to find your soul’s purpose here on earth. Find your higher purpose on My Wild Magic by learning to ignite your Soul Blueprint DNA and Tribe of light. Most of us have never been taught how to access the soul gifts we have. Knowing your Soul Blueprint helps you to figure out your life in a way that works best for you, on your own terms. You will have answers to the three most important questions you’ll ever ask yourself:

Who am I?
Where do I belong?
What is my purpose?

Move past your old, limited thoughts and behaviors and find love and meaning in all that you do. Gain tremendous clarity, insight, and recognition as you are awakened to the loving, wise, power of your Truest Self. Your own innate brilliance already lives inside of you, come discover it so you can shine brightly in this world!


I was given a choice to stay or leave when I was 15 years old when I lost control of a car in the rain. I had a Near Death Experience and met my Tribe of Light- the Great Central Sun Angels. I chose to stay and received the most incredible gift of my life in the form of helping people to tap into their highest selves and Soul Blueprint.

When I chose to stay, I brought back three simple truths.
*Love is all there is.
*Our time is over quicker than we think.
*We all have a purpose here, a soul blueprint to fulfill.
*If you’re reading this now, you’re being offered a choice too.

To continue living a life where you feel scared, unsupported, alone, and confused.

Or to connect with us and learn. Learn how to unconditionally love yourself and how to find your soul’s purpose here on Earth.

I hope that you also choose to stay so that you can find your own wild magic.

You have a higher purpose, a creative expression, and soul attributes- these are unique gifts of light only you can bring forth into this world. My goal is to help you discover your innate brilliance, so you shine brightly in this world!

Through years of helping others with the assistance of the Great Central Sun Angels, I’ve developed a signature process to help you discover your Soul Blueprint.

The easiest way to begin is to connect with one of your greatest resources, your Tribe/Council of Light.

Your personal Tribe/Council of Light is always watching over you – from lifetime to lifetime. When you connect with them they begin opening doorways of golden opportunities and they help you live your purpose.

Take the short quiz I’ve created to help you find and connect with your Council of Light.