The Janis Underwood Show: Unleashing the Creator Within....For Real!

Your Soul Guidance with Saskia: talks with guest Pat Hastings about "Stepping Out In Faith."

  01/12/2012  12:00 pm PDT

Pat Hastings and Saskia Roell, both powerful women of faith will share their personal experience and the down and dirty of stepping out in faith and live your dreams. Stepping out in faith and following your intuition requires taking risks and overcoming fear and the negative voices within.


Saskia Roell

What happens when you live a Soul-guided life You say goodbye to your old, small self and say hello to your Soul. You breakthrough to a life that's filled with miracles, abu...

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Pat Hastings

Inspiring, powerful and passionate, Pat Hastings is the Author of the award winning book Simply a Woman of Faith: How to Live in Spiritual Power & Transform Your Life. For m...

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