The Truth is Funny .....shift happens! with Host Colette Marie Stefan: Much of what we call disease, including cancer, has it's origins in emotional trauma with John Theobald

  06/25/2014  08:00 am PDT

The research of Dr. R G Hamer MD, proves scientifically, that cancer is a meaningful 'Biological Program' of nature, designed to assist an organism humans and animals alike in resolving an emotional trauma. He found that much of what we consider to be disease, originates from an unexpected conflict or emotional shock, affecting not only the psyche, but also the part of the brain that corresponds biologically to the specific trauma and a specific organ. This provides a 'road map' linking disease and emotional trauma, revealing alternative solutions and giving genuine hope to those who suffer from cancer, heart disease, chronic conditions, psychological disorders, and more.


Colette Marie Stefan

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John Theobald BSc

After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from York University in Toronto, John spent the following 10 years selling scientific and medical equipment in Western Canada. T...

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Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe M.D.