The Jenn Royster Show: - Manifest Your Dream With the Yes Frequency with guest Gary Quinn

  09/26/2013  08:00 am PDT

You're stuck in a dead end job and you feel like life is passing you by. You know you're meant to do something else that makes you feel alive, that makes your heart sing. Or you want to leave your town and move to a new place, start a new life. Join guest Gary Quinn as he will give you a consolidated guide to help you discover and access your inner power and creativity, heal the Soul's wounds and live a life of greater purpose, meaning, intuition and fulfillment. Begin to live your life as an experience of authenticity and say "Yes" at a deeper Soul level. Gary will help you break old habits, become more successful and find the moment of clarity about what you really want to do with your life. Through straightforward strategies and techniques, and by raising your frequency to "Yes," you will get into alignment, and discover the best you


Dr. Jenn Royster

Thursdays at 8 am PT  11  am  ET The Jenn Royster Show is an inspirational hour that explores the spiritual approach to life's challenges as your host Intuiti...

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Gary Quinn

Gary Quinn is a bestselling author, life coach, a television producer, and an intuitive. He is the author of several books - The Yes Frequency, Living in the Spiritual Zone,...

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