The Elizabeth Anglin Show - Your Psychic Connection to Your Soul's Path: with Gerry Leary, Blind Coffee Roaster at The Unseen Bean

  05/14/2012  12:00 pm PDT

Gerry Leary, blind since birth, has never let his lack of sight stop him from following his dreams and doing the things that interest him. A former automobile mechanic, Gerry fell in love with coffee roasting in 1994, when he heard the sound of a roaster tumbling coffee at a San Francisco cafe. Initially told that he would not be able to learn to be a coffee roaster, Gerry attended the San Francisco Coffee Training Institute and then started The Unseen Bean in Boulder Colorado, with the help of his dog, Midknight.


Elizabeth Anglin

Elizabeth Anglin helps people expand their awareness of relationship to the whole of life through psychic and akashic record readings, animal communication, medical intuitio...

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Gerry Leary

While an Automobile Mechanic in Boulder Colorado, Gerry Leary's passion for coffee began in 1994 when visiting a San Francisco caf. He heard what sounded like a rock tumbler...

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