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Tails From the Vector with Colette Marie Stefan: Tails From the Vector with Colette - MISSED OPPORTUNITIES!

Tails From the Vector with Colette Marie Stefan: Tails From the Vector with Colette - MISSED OPPORTUNITIES!

  06/03/2020  08:00 am PDT

tails from the vector with dragon energy and colette marie stefanMISSED OPPORTUNITIES!

Many people go through life oblivious to the fact that they are creating more karma for themselves and others because they are torn between their desire for comfort and oblivion. For the average person, ninety-five percent of the actions they take and words they choose are re-actions to sensations stimulated by the sub-conscious and un-conscious mind.

The sub-conscious forms thoughts from physical, mental, and emotional conditioning up to the age of seven. The unconscious mind, the thoughts from all dimensions, existences, realities, realms, planes throughout the Vector of Space-Time.


Missed Opportunity

The average person uses his or her conscious mind only five percent of the time, spending the vast majority of his or her existence on automatic pilot, re-acting and re-solving life experiences instead of investing himself or herself in taking action towards resolution. People have been taught to think problems through, with a “think before you act” mentality. This causes many people to become “sheep-le” rather than people.

Take action on creative solutions accessed through congruency of the sub-conscious, un-conscious and the conscious mind. Place this card with pictures of places and people you prefer to connect with. ENERGETIC UPGRADE Most people are more concerned with the negative consequences of being unaware but the true danger lies in the missed opportunities. You can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket! Never Underestimate The Power Of Willful Ignorance!

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