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The Laura Richer Show - Richer Love for Single Women: Encore: Love Thy Self: How to Build a 7-Figure Self-Worth

  03/13/2019  11:00 am PDT

Did you know that your self-worth is just as important as your net worth? Actually, it’s more important. Self-esteem and self-confidence are the foundation for creating success in your life. And it's time to learn how to build a 7-figure self-worth! The first step is self-acceptance, and we’re going to give you strategies for loving who you are right now! Do you believe you are a socially awkward introvert or an extrovert who’s just too much? Nonsense! Learn how to capitalize on your strengths and work with your challenges to embrace the amazing person that you already are. So, if you’re in need of a boost in your self-esteem but don’t know where to start, tune in for a dose of self-love.


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Tune-in Live! Every 2nd Wednesday at 11am pt / 2pm eastern! The Laura Richer Show - Richer Love for Single Women! Are you feeling stuck in unhealthy habits, toxic relations...

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Andi Lucas

Andi Lucas

Andi Lucas is the co-host of On the Verge Radio with Coach Laura Richer, and she is the founder and owner of Hummingbird Marketing Services. Andi has more than 20 years...

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