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The Kornelia Stephanie Show: "How to Survive the Murder of a Loved One" with Dawn Diviniste

The Kornelia Stephanie Show: "How to Survive the Murder of a Loved One" with Dawn Diviniste

  06/08/2018  12:00 pm PST

The Kornelia Stephanie Show: "How to Survive the Murder of a Loved One" with Dawn DivinisteJune 8, 2012 D-Day (Life can turn on a dime)The Universe works in funny ways. Universal humor dichotomy. I’ve met people in my life in the last 6 years that have prompted me to share my story... “How to Survive the Murder of a Loved One.” First was Neale Donald Walsch prompting me to assist humanity by writing the book... now Kornelia Stephanie scheduling me on her Seattle radio show. The dichotomy? The radio day... 6/8, first day on radio will be Friday, June 8th... the day that hits hard... the same calibration day, six years ago when I got out of bed early Friday morning for my corporate job, but ended up spending the next three months visiting ICU, completely shocked, my Mom had been violently murdered... by someone... family... I had loved and cared for. “What the fffukk?”
I’ll be discussing how I forgave, healed, fell, ascended and understand the big picture over the next 6 months. Join me in a new creation... nothing is planned... or is it? Astrology gives us a life map. Psychics seem to know different possibilities. Was it in Mom’s chart? Is it in my chart to write a book? Bob gave me a reason to live... I am grateful. If I share nothing, I feel like their efforts to impact the World would be lessened. There’s gotta be Divine Purpose to any disaster... good always accompanies bad... it just may be really hard to see. I know what happened 6/8/12 was like a bomb going off in Redding, CA... bringing families closer than ever... an outpouring of love, appreciating the Superintendent, Principal, 2nd Grade Teacher, Teacher’s Aid, volunteer, mentor, Mother, friend.
In honor of Candace Watson and Bob Watson, with much Love... to assist Humanity for the Highest Good...
 some how, some way. BIG LOVE.

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