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The Charleen Hess Show: Living on your Heart's Edge: Heal Your Self Connection

  02/01/2019  12:00 pm PDT

The Charleen Hess Show: Living on your Heart's Edge: Heal Your Self ConnectionSilvia Bladt shares her amazing story of how she faced and moved through Cancer not once but TWICE, only to have her life fall apart in every other area. Yet she is still smiling still victorious.  She used her challenges to grow a deeper connection to herself and is all the stronger and more self connected because of it! 

She asks you the question "What if every challenge we face are actually opportunities to become more ourselves or to guide us to the life that is actually meant for us"?

How is it that 2 of the exact same challenges with 2 different people can have 2 different outcomes?

One stays stuck and the other one uses the challenge to grow and become stronger or just discover and become more themselves. There are no super humans, we are all the same. We only have different beliefs, perceptions and habits.

Discover yourself, discover your heart and you’ll find your unique solution to every challenge you face in life.

You are, and always will be, the author of your life. You decide what will be written in your next chapter.

Episode giveaways:

  • Free 30 minute coaching call


Charleen Hess

Charleen Hess

The Charleen Hess Show: Living on Your Heart's Edge Every 1st Friday at 12 pm pacific/ 3 pm eastern On The Charleen Hess Show we have real, raw and vulnerable conversations...

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 Silvia Bladt

Silvia Bladt

Silvia Bladt is the creator of HealYourSelfConnection. A movement that’s all about self-discovery. She is the living example of how discovering yourself can really h...

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