Spirit Fire Radio: The Illumined Potential of The Mind

  03/30/2016  09:00 am PDT

As we move into the so-called New Age, individuals are finding themselves attracted to a more conscious way of life and modern living has seen us connected globally, offering insight into a world humanity like never before; both of these tendencies reinforce the ‘group’ nature of the impending Aquarian Age. We are beginning to understand the connections between body, mind, and spirit. Science is beginning to support age old claims that meditation, appreciation, and mindfulness are not only good for the physical heart, but the heart of humanity as well. Quantum physics is beginning to unravel the largest question of all, " who are we and why are we here?" These are exciting, albeit complex, times. 

Meditation offers clarity within the complexity. The first half of Spirit Fire’s online meditation practice delivers the tools necessary to establish shamatha, or peaceful abiding. The second half leads one to a greater understanding of vipassyana, or penetrating insight. When these two methods or states of being are effectively combined, a Living Awareness unfolds and the illumined potential of the mind is unleashed. 

Our guest this week is Dinah Lawson. She has practiced and taught in the field of energy healing for over 35 years in England, North America, Germany, Poland, and Holland. In England, in the 1980’s, she helped form the group that would become The International Network of Energy Healing. This group specifically uses a method of treatment called Esoteric Healing. This method is a hands-off technique and employs clairsentience, or using senses beyond the basic five senses. Study, meditation, and service are requirements of practitioners of Esoteric Healing as each one of these endeavors highlight the illumined potential and sensate qualities of the mind. 

We will talk with Dinah about the intriguing discovery of this Tibetan healing modality and its westward journey, as well as the role that meditation and group consciousness play in the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. 


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Dinah Lawson

Dinah teaches both meditation and subtle energy healing in England, North America, Germany, Poland, and Holland. She runs a centre for healing and meditation (The Hayloft) ...

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