Spirit Fire Radio: Living Awareness

  05/04/2016  09:00 am PDT

Living Awareness can also be translated as Living Love or Living Gratitude. Awareness comes about when we understand the interconnectedness of all things. When we connect from the inner-heart, appreciation surfaces and engages the mind and transforms the energy of heart/mind into awareness. When we are nurtured by love and guided by gratitude, our world comes alive... this is Living Awareness.

This week we will celebrate Step #14 of The Practice of Living Awareness which is called, you guessed it... Living Awareness. How do we take this awareness off of the meditation cushion and into our lives? It has much to do with our ability to embody , feel, and express love.

Our guests this week, Nat Couropmitree and Matt O'Grady, have designed a program called Nurtured By Love.

"So many desperately want to have profound experiences with love but many 'stiff-arm' it because it takes vulnerability. You've been hurt before. It's been painful. You haven't been able to trust it growing up. And so, you haven't felt safe to open yourself to love. The result, unfortunately, is that you end up feeling unfulfilled and unhappy. You might think that if you just give more of yourself, do more, achieve and accomplish more, or sacrifice your needs for the benefit of others, you'll have that experience of feeling deeply loved. But, it doesn't work that way.


To feel profoundly loved and receive it fully, you need to open up to it within and embody it. It takes such courage and strength to do this. And most of us need a little guidance to let love in in a different way than we normally do. This is why we've created this program to support you in being 'Nurtured by Love'."


We look forward to discuss all things Love & Awareness this Wednesday, join us!


Steve Kramer

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Nat Couropmitree

Nat Couropmitree is an Intuitive Coach, Energy Worker, Author and Speaker. He specializes in supporting energetically sensitive individuals to partner with love so that they...

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Matt O'Grady

Matt O’Grady Studied Psychology at Hofstra University.  He is the Author of two books: Living Gratitude: A Simple Path to Happiness and The Law of Attraction Work...

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