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Psychic World with Host John G. Sutton: and Countess Starella: Meditation Techniques and How You Can Tune-in to Your Spiritual Self

  01/22/2014  08:00 pm PDT

John will be joined by his incredible co-host the astounding Countess Starella to discuss how you can access your psychic side through meditation. John G. Sutton says: the brain has two distinct hemispheres left and right, the left brain controls the materialist and logical, the right brain controls the imagination and the creative. I believe that by mastering and practising meditation you can distract the logical left brain and allow the sensitive psychic right brain to take control and potentially access another dimension. You are invited to call in and speak to John or Starella ask any question you may have about meditation or your own personal problems.


John G. Sutton

Psychic World with John Sutton - Wednesdays 8 PM Pacific 11 PM EasternWhat dreams may come Are you seeking guidance Do you doubt life Psychic World is where paranormal myste...

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Countess Starella

Countess Nadia Starella is an interfaith spiritual advisor and counselor who has been helping people discover depth and harmony in their lives for many years.A New Orleans n...

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