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Peace World Radio with Kristina Jansz: - Why Worry? Stop Coping and Start Living with author Kathryn Tristan

  12/10/2012  11:00 am PDT

Why Worry? addresses a full spectrum of solutions to worry. Kathryn Tristan offers practical ways to restructure your thoughts, easy relaxation and lifestyle changes, and transformation spiritual practices, all of which allow readers to make power-building decisions and take control of their lives. While other books teach you how to "cope" with anxiety, this book will help you cure it


Kristina Jansz

Peace World Radio is an energetic, vibrant and engaging show that's getting people talking Host, Kristina Jansz brings you courageous people, bold in thought and action who ...

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Kathryn Tristan

For many years, Kathryn Tristan, a research scientist on the faculty of Washington University of Medicine, lived a life riddled with worry and anxiety. But she found a way t...

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