Out of the Fog with Karen Hager: Your Thoughts Create Your Reality with Pam Grout

  12/04/2013  09:00 am PDT

Pam Grout is the author of E-Squared, a lab manual with simple experiments that prove reality is malleable, consciousness trumps matter, and you shape your life with your mind. Whatever "laws" you believe in are activated in your life, creating a personal reality that reflects those beliefs. You can rewrite the laws operating in your life by simply changing your beliefs.


Karen Hager

Intuitive guide Karen Hager helps people lift the fog of confusion and regain clarity about their life purpose. Gaining this clarity gives you the opportunity to create the ...

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Pam Grout

Pam Grout is a hopeless romantic who still believes the world is a beautiful place, that people are noble and that anything is possible.For a living and she always wonders w...

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