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New Soul Radio with Ruby Bedi - How to be YOU in Today's World: Recalibrate to the Cosmic Consciousness

New Soul Radio with Ruby Bedi - How to be YOU in Today's World: Recalibrate to the Cosmic Consciousness

  05/30/2018  10:00 am PDT

new soul radio with ruby bedi

Recalibrate: There comes a time in our lives when we take a good look into our mind and take inventory of our dreams, ideas and goals. We look at who we are and what we truly want. More than ever, that time is Now. In the current environment of social and political change, we are being forced to look into the mirror. Our personal and collective chaos is pushing us to open our eyes and choose our realities as the old ones may not be working for us. When time shifts, everything shifts.

We are in the midst of the biggest shift. We are looking at what we truly believe, what we doubt, and what we absolutely don’t believe. This includes ethics, morality, right and wrong. There’s an inner fear that we don’t fit, and we are looking for a fit. We are also sitting at the cusp. At the threshold of a new world that is more real, tangible, with touch and feel, that is true and transparent. That is not just a fantasy bound by our limited imagination.

The answer is to recalibrate, we move back into our consciousness, the mother of all things. A subtle tuning, a fine shift in this field will give us clarity to see the new options suited Best for the current personal and collective time and environment. We will need to do two things, first plug in and download the new intelligence and force and that is done with short techniques like the blue miracle technique. It’s a five minute technique to recalibrate.

Breathe through the heart to tap into the biggest magnetic field and now take time to re write clear and real goals to accomplish whatever you can create. Not what you feel entitled too, not what you think you should have but truly what you want to experience and what you need to do to create that experience. Think about do you really want to own or rent, friendship versus marriage. Create clear goals not fantasies and start working on the goals. Turn your desires and dreams into working strategies with landmarks and Make them happen.

Your happiness joy fulfillment will come from making them happen. Remember wishes are how you want to feel, and they are automatically fulfilled when you work your mind and muscle. Happiness and peace are not goals, they are outcomes of diligent work with inner practices. Goals should not be attached to happiness. Goals are to accomplish or achieve something tangible and measurable. Work on goals, the out come is a happy and fulfilled you.

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