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Light On Living with Lisa Berry: Lighten the Load of Life's Challenges: Magnetic Entrepreneur – Shirley A Connolly

Light On Living with Lisa Berry: Lighten the Load of Life's Challenges: Magnetic Entrepreneur – Shirley A Connolly

  07/12/2019  09:00 am PST

The Cost Of Staying Stuck In The Story – Shirley A Connolly 

Stop spending your days suffering, it’s time to save your life. 

Shirley is showing up and saving lives!!! 

Yes that is a bold statement and it’s true. Shirley A Connolly is a vigilant woman, a leader to those who want and are ready for the transformation from giving up to giving it their all. 

Horrific abuse, brutal rapes, near death motor vehicle accident, loosing two of her four sons and attempting suicide herself, Shirley comes from a place of deep desire to outlive her remaining boys. To OWN her life. To live with such personal power that she knows she decides her worth. 

Shirley reaches out , she invites, she searches for anyone to come to her and begin by simply making the decision to not stay in any abusive situation be it from another or yourself. 

Her past is shared just enough so you can see how far she’s come. Shirley’s ‘how’ is delivered in a way that she leaves no one out. 

Join us as we begin the Interview Series Of Magnetic Entrepreneur – Women Leadership 

Shirley is a Best-selling award-winning Author, Best-selling International Author. Entrepreneur, mentor, coach, speaker, CEO and Founder of The Brighter Light Formula, CEO and Founder of Electrified Entrepreneurs. 

Fourteen books, two Children’s books and three more waiting to be published, Shirley has Co- Authored with people such as Serena Brown Travis and Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt whom She’s also shared the stage with. 

She’s had the pleasure of also sharing the stage with Les Brown, Raymond Aaron, Mark McCoy, Bob Proctor, Bradley Chapman, Tim Burt, Jim Hetherington, Bruce Serbin and of course my incredible son Robert. J. Moore 

Interview Series – Magnetic Entrepreneur Female Leadership with Robert J Moore’s Authors 

Learn in minutes what took these 7 Female Magnetic Entrepreneurs years to acquire to make the journey to success quicker. 

What does it mean to be a magnetic entrepreneur? 

Is it something that someone is born with and only they have it, or it is something that you can learn and develop? Thankfully, the answer is you can learn it. Magnetic entrepreneurs have figured out how to attract clients easily and build their business the fast way. 

None of these entrepreneurs were born with silver spoons in their mouth, most of them started from very humble beginnings and decided to become more than what society told them to be. They saw past the limitations placed on them to the possibilities and choose to become more. As each started their entrepreneurial journey, they struggled but learned how to overcome the obstacles and now freely share that knowledge with you. 


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