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Light On Living with Lisa Berry: Lighten the Load of Life's Challenges: Magnetic Entrepreneur - Ronda Lauer and Holly Anne Kline

Light On Living with Lisa Berry: Lighten the Load of Life's Challenges: Magnetic Entrepreneur - Ronda Lauer and Holly Anne Kline

  07/26/2019  09:00 am PST

Ronda Lauer is truly a female warrior. Her journey in life has been tumultuous to say the least, yet her determination and grit to be all that she can be, has launched her into another fabulous entrepreneurial adventure, one that truly resonates with her soul. She is supporting and encouraging others in her coaching business, in order to help them gain the wisdom and momentum to create true inner happiness and peace. She loves pointing her clients towards abundant living and helps them to “get out of their heads” and maintain a level of resilience that is unmatched to that of their past. She is a Certified Coach and runs her business as an enthusiastic and charismatic leader in the Healthy Wealthy and Wise Corporation and would love to connect with you, to help fulfill your dreams. She is a magnetic entrepreneur and you will find her on Facebook. Your clock is ticking!!

Being You No Matter What Any One Else Says – Holly Ann Kline

Since her accident, she has achieved partial recovery from her injuries. She also has gained sole-custody of her eldest grandson Gordon and has written two books, “I Am NOT! Who They Say I Am” and “7 Times Saved”? Her books inspire others to remain strong in times of adversity, be courageous, build their own inner strength, personal wisdom, be grateful, and appreciate all that life has to offer. She has recently released her own Signature Program, teaching others to find their own moral code, standards, values, and how to implement strategies to help others to remove the impact of negative words. Removing the negativity in their lives has helped her clients reach and obtain their own dreams.

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Interview Series – Magnetic Entrepreneur Female Leadership with Robert J Moore’s Authors

Learn in minutes what took these 7 Female Magnetic Entrepreneurs years to acquire to make the journey to success quicker.

What does it mean to be a magnetic entrepreneur?

Is it something that someone is born with and only they have it, or it is something that you can learn and develop? Thankfully, the answer is you can learn it. Magnetic entrepreneurs have figured out how to attract clients easily and build their business the fast way.

None of these entrepreneurs were born with silver spoons in their mouth, most of them started from very humble beginnings and decided to become more than what society told them to be. They saw past the limitations placed on them to the possibilities and choose to become more. As each started their entrepreneurial journey, they struggled but learned how to overcome the obstacles and now freely share that knowledge with you.


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Lisa Berry

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