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Intuitive Solutions with Deborah Diane: Intentional Living with Deborah Diane - Deborah, Gwen, and Mark discuss separation and why we feel the need to disconnect from others.

  01/14/2013  03:00 pm PDT

Fascinating discussion on Us versus Them mentality and blocks that separate us from one another. A caller clears career transition blocks and with the belief that you cant have a job you love AND be paid well at the same time. Release limiting beliefs and subconscious patterns quickly and easily with Deborah's powerful method. For more visit


Deborah Diane

Intuitive Solutions with Deborah Diane. Each week, a live call in segment provides an opportunity for listeners to experience Conscious Repatterning live on the show, and r...

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Gwen Payne

Gwen Payne has lived and traveled around the world. The diversity of learning culturally has broadened her perspective on people, life and spiritual traditions. In 1983 Gwen...

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Joe Nunziata