Gaialogue Radio with Dr. Jeff Leinaweaver: Conversations with Deborah Milton - Storyteller, Artist and Echo-Psychologist

  06/11/2012  01:00 pm PDT

Encore Presentation - On this week's show we will explore the storylines of a self-declared Urban Wild-Woman. Join us as we speak with Deborah Milton, storyteller, artist and echo-psyhcologist, on the importance and ritual of personal and mythic re-invention. She will take us on an a personal adventure story that begins in Philadelphia and leads us to unexpected storylines when she moves to Montana and stumbles upon her truer self. Deborah Milton will be a contributing "positive deviant" for Gaialogue Radio.


Dr. Jeff Leinaweaver

About Gaialogue RadioGaialogue Radio with host Dr. Jeff LeinaweaverThere is an old belief that the universe is made of stories, not atoms. Gaialogue Radio, with Dr. Jeff, is...

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Dr. Deborah Milton

Deborah Milton, embodies what she teaches aliveness, authenticity, love and devotion to following her creative juice. For the last twenty years, Ecstatic Wisdom Postures ha...

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