Fire it up with CJ!: A Picky Eater's Quest to Understand Why We Hate the Foods We Hate

  09/20/2012  01:00 pm PST

Suffering Succotash: A Picky Eater's Quest To Understand Why We Hate the Foods We Hate has it all: wild theories, genetics, romance, sword swallowers, recipes, and Biblical plagues. Join us as we explore the science of picky eating, and the cultural and historical questions that abound. Are picky eaters destined to ascend to a higher plane of existence, and what happens when picky eaters fall in love or go to restaurants? How can you tell if you're a "supertaster?" How does the gag reflex affect pickiness and what secrets do sword swallowers impart to help overcome it?


CJ Liu

CJ Liu

The Fire it UP with CJ show offers busy people a place to come to help improve their own well-being while living in healthy harmony with the planet. The show is based on the...

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 Stephanie  Lucianovic

Stephanie Lucianovic

A former picky eater, Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic is a freelance writer, editor, and lapsed cheesemonger in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been writing for KQED's Bay Are...

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