Cosmic Connections Radio Show with Madeline Gerwick: Creating Prosperity in Uncertain Times

  10/08/2010  11:00 am PDT

Were in the midst of changing times. Much of what is familiar to us is breaking down or has already dissolved. It is taking a long time for those who are unemployed to return to work, for the housing industry to bounce back, and for basics such as healthy food and healthcare to be available to all. During times like this, prosperity may seem like a pipe dream. Yet, prosperity is closer than you think. Learn how each of us can create prosperity in these uncertain times.


Madeline Gerwick

Madeline C. Gerwick is an internationally recognized businesspersonal astrologer, speaker, and author. She has a BA degree with honors in economics, and is listed in several...

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Margaret Donahue

Margaret M. Donahue is a Feng Shui and Building Biology Environmental Consultant, a Prosperity Coach, an Emotional Freedom and Healing facilitator, adjunct college instructo...

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