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  11/30/2018      01:00 pm

The Kornelia Stephanie Show: The Millionaire Imprint for Women: One Million will be Donated to our Favorite Children's Charity.

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Susan Glavin

Susan Glavin, author of the F-It Manifesto, “A women’s kick-ass guide to liberation.” Inspired speaker, co-creator of Be the gift, Generator of Women’s Creation Circles and proclaimed High Priestess. Teacher and student of the magic and mystery of life. Susan is on a journey of self-mastery and fulfillment, living life for the highest and greatest good for all.


  • "I'm as excited about it as you are and thrilled because this is where I think the movement is going."
    James Twyman

  • “[...] and I love you Alvin and Dr. Pat. Thank you so much for having this great show today. And might I add that, that… um… what I love about you, the way you inspired me, and we’ve talked about this, is that you have created a way, and this is also what I do with my show The Concessional. We create a way for people to see “what CAN we do?” We don’t have to agree, we don’t even have to like that we don’t agree. But what can we do? What can we do to create a better country, a better city, a better neighborhood, a better planet. And that’s really what’s important, it does not matter. You know, its true, these congressman and all these people in office and all this stuff that’s going on, I’ll tell ya. The politicians right now are lacking, but they are… the thing that’s the hardest to swallow, is they are a complete mirror of what we will accept. The absolute mirror. And so, we have a lot of work to do. A lot of work to do. I knew this nurse once and she was like “What is this thought that there’s all this unemployment and there’s no work. There IS work. As long as there are behinds to wipe, there is work. And so we all have something to do. We all have work to do and we all have our purpose on the planet. Thank God for you, Dr. Pat, because I’ll tell you what, if you only touched one life in all these years, it was me, and I am so glad I listened to you in the early stages and I am so glad that both you and I are putting it out there, and you too Alvin, that people can do something. They don’t have to sit around and accept what they consider to be their reality.”

  • "To tell you the truth, every person I’ve worked with, I have talked with through the network has just been incredibly professional and I just want to thank you so much for your generosity of spirit and your leadership. I love this network. And it is just such a privilege to be a part of it and to be a part the family."
    Eve Elite Tarot

  • "Dr. Pat is a terrific host and I highly recommend you to try and get on her show as a guest. You'll find she not only knows her stuff . . . she knows 'your' stuff, as well. In other words, she researches her topic and helps set you up to deliver the information that will provide great value to her listeners. Not to mention, she's a really awesome person and great fun to interview with!"
    Bob Burg

  • "It is a really great honor. I admire you highly for how you touch the heart and lives of people. I'm here to inspire the lives together with you."
    Jacqueline Ripstein-CoHost


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