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  11/30/2018      01:00 pm

The Kornelia Stephanie Show: The Millionaire Imprint for Women: One Million will be Donated to our Favorite Children's Charity.

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Susan Glavin

Susan Glavin, author of the F-It Manifesto, “A women’s kick-ass guide to liberation.” Inspired speaker, co-creator of Be the gift, Generator of Women’s Creation Circles and proclaimed High Priestess. Teacher and student of the magic and mystery of life. Susan is on a journey of self-mastery and fulfillment, living life for the highest and greatest good for all.


  • "Thank you for having me on your show. I really enjoyed it and appreciate you having me as a guest. You are a wonderful host and very knowledgeable about everything business and technology." Best wishes - Ian Finn
    Ian Finn

  • "Dear Pat, I recently found your website and was so intrigued by all the wonderful speakers you have had on your show and the ones who were to be aired in the future. And more than that, you offer your services to everyone for free and I am so thankful to you for doing that. I had called today and had spoken to Doreen Virtue about my misfortunes in love, finances, losing custody of my children, etc. To receive divine guidance from Doreen about clearing my anger and releasing it gave me so much hope that things could get better. I did what she said and cried in pain and released and forgave addition, I saw that my anger was keeping me stuck where I was and that I was keeping my children from coming home, which they so want to be with me and I with them. After realizing that anger only hurts me and affects other, I will continue to release and allow love and ask my angels for continous help with this. I will share with my children tomorrow when I see them for a few hours what I have learned and teach them what I have learned about how anger has impacted my life, and will express my new desires and beginnings with them on a new journey of love (and I'm sure they'll join my journey)."

  • "Dr. Pat it's wonderful that I've been invited on your show to share these gems that have come to me."Donn Smith
    Donn Smith-Co-Host

  • "One thing I can say is that I am grateful for Dr.Pat. You are just this amazing light and example in the world. I don’t even know what I would do with my morning without you and I know a lot of people feel the same way."

  • "OMGosh, the traffic on my website has been over the top since our show. I'm so grateful. And I'm hoping it's helping some women out there who are struggling. I really appreciate what a fun and engaging host you are. I can see why you're so popular."
    Marion Baker


Darcy Pariso