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  11/30/2018      01:00 pm

The Kornelia Stephanie Show: The Millionaire Imprint for Women: One Million will be Donated to our Favorite Children's Charity.

Co-Host Profile

Susan Glavin

Susan Glavin, author of the F-It Manifesto, “A women’s kick-ass guide to liberation.” Inspired speaker, co-creator of Be the gift, Generator of Women’s Creation Circles and proclaimed High Priestess. Teacher and student of the magic and mystery of life. Susan is on a journey of self-mastery and fulfillment, living life for the highest and greatest good for all.


  • "Over the past 7 months I have done over 100 TV and radio interviews. My appearances on the Dr.Pat Show were among my favorites, and here's why. Dr.Pat is for real! Her energy, well thought out intriguing questions (She sure knew my book material) and deep caring for her audience make her one the best hosts in the business. Dr. Pat's enthusiasm, wit and great listening skills energized me to co-create one of the best interviews an author, speaker like me could have. She serves her audience and her guests with grace, honor and a deep respect I have not witnessed anywhere else. Dr. Pat, you rock!!!"
    Steve Sisgold

  • "I've been interviewed by radio programs throughout the world, and I've never discovered a more informed and prepared host than Dr. Pat. She discovered not only the broad themes in my book, but zeroed in on how they impact people today. I hope she'll consider becoming a television presenter, as she showcases people and causes important in our society."
    Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff

  • "Thank you for inviting me. It's wonderful to be here to be able to share with everyone all the great discoveries and possibilities that are available to us today. Thank you Pat. Thank you for your beautiful words and that what I want to leave with people is if you don't experience how extraordinary you are and how profoundly you are loved. Then I want you to drop into that place of beat stillness, experience that, and let it flood your body with the brilliance of the light of your soul."
    Marlise Karlin

  • "Being on this show helped me so much to just feel that what I needed to and what I share with the world is important. And to you, Dr. Pat, as a supporter, your excitement and energy, your work really helped to put the word out and basically made my work global. She helped me to really be known all the way to India, all the way to Australia and work with people all over the world. I really contribute a lot to what we have been doing now for years together on this show and I just want to thank you for really inviting me to be a part of this. And I want to thank myself for making this choice. I’m certainly happy even though at the beginning, it scared me; it was exactly the right thing for me to do."
    Dr. Friedemann Schaub

  • "Being on the Dr. Pat show is always a pleasure! Kind of like a free ride on Mr. Toad's wild ride! As a guest, I always feel well considered and Dr. Pat brings out the best of me as well as my books. I highly recommend this show as cutting edge, open to new and different ideas and a whole lot of fun."
    Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D


Darcy Pariso