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  01/24/2017      11:00 am

Dynamics of Diversity Radio with Orbit Law PLLC - Co-hosts Kripa & Steve: Dreams Deferred: Do Immigrants Still have a Place in Today’s America?

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Steve Tanijo

Steve Tanijo is a Partner at Orbit Law, PLLC where he practices exclusively in immigration and nationality law with a particular emphasis on representing clients in family-based petitions and adjustments of status. Since graduating from Seattle University School of Law in 2007, Mr. Tanijo has focused his practice on immigration law and has represented clients in removal defense, family- based petitions and adjustment of status, citizenship applications, VAWA applications, U visas, asylum, and appeals before the Board of immigration Appeals, the Administrative Appeals Office and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.


  • "Dr. Pat's Holistic Makeover is inspiring yet practical. She takes listeners' dreams and turns them into reality through her astute matching of audience members with professional coaches. I had the pleasure of being one of Dr. Pat's coaches for the 2009 Holistic Makeover. I recommend her program to anyone prepared to commit to focused work on themselves so they can live their dreams."
    Ellen DiNucci-Sponsor

  • "Excellent question Pat! Not one that I get asked very often so thanks for asking. What have my a-ha moments been? There have been so many. I mean I am a totally different person than I was when I started studying this 10 years ago. My first a-ha moment was the a-ha that someone needs to study this. If we're trying to win the war on cancer why are we ignoring the people who've won? We should be talking to them. We should be studying them. So that was the first coin that dropped for me was just something like do this, study this, don't be afraid. It didn't scare me. It actually excited me. My dear friend died when we were 16 of stomach cancer so to be across from someone like him was told they were going to die and yet 25 years later that does not scare me. That gives me incredible hope and for a potential cure for cancer down the road."
    Dr. Kelly Turner

  • "I just want to thank [Dr. Pat] for bringing that into my life because I always thought that I had a purpose, that I didn’t know what it was and now I know. My purpose is to help the world and to help all the worlds. So I want to thank you so much, you changed my life."
    Joy Elaine

  • "Wow! My eyes are full of choking water. Thank you so much and I want to thank everybody for listening. Wow, Dr. Pat may I share a sentiment with you? Before we began I'd like to share a sentiment. You remember there's a show with Bob Barker "The Price is Right"? And where someone's name would get called and suddenly it would become a Pentecostal church where somebody receives the holy ghost and experiences a surge spontaneous burst of joy and you can just see all over their face. In that moment, what that sentiment feels like it's like, "Reverend Thabiti you're the next guest on The Dr. Pat Show!" and that's how I feel right now Dr. Pat. I want to thank to thank everybody for listening and I want the whole world to know Dr. Pat that I just love you so much. I just love you. I just think that I'm speechless."
    Rev. Thabiti

  • “[...] and I love you Alvin and Dr. Pat. Thank you so much for having this great show today. And might I add that, that… um… what I love about you, the way you inspired me, and we’ve talked about this, is that you have created a way, and this is also what I do with my show The Concessional. We create a way for people to see “what CAN we do?” We don’t have to agree, we don’t even have to like that we don’t agree. But what can we do? What can we do to create a better country, a better city, a better neighborhood, a better planet. And that’s really what’s important, it does not matter. You know, its true, these congressman and all these people in office and all this stuff that’s going on, I’ll tell ya. The politicians right now are lacking, but they are… the thing that’s the hardest to swallow, is they are a complete mirror of what we will accept. The absolute mirror. And so, we have a lot of work to do. A lot of work to do. I knew this nurse once and she was like “What is this thought that there’s all this unemployment and there’s no work. There IS work. As long as there are behinds to wipe, there is work. And so we all have something to do. We all have work to do and we all have our purpose on the planet. Thank God for you, Dr. Pat, because I’ll tell you what, if you only touched one life in all these years, it was me, and I am so glad I listened to you in the early stages and I am so glad that both you and I are putting it out there, and you too Alvin, that people can do something. They don’t have to sit around and accept what they consider to be their reality.”