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  01/24/2017      11:00 am

Dynamics of Diversity Radio with Orbit Law PLLC - Co-hosts Kripa & Steve: Dreams Deferred: Do Immigrants Still have a Place in Today’s America?

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Steve Tanijo

Steve Tanijo is a Partner at Orbit Law, PLLC where he practices exclusively in immigration and nationality law with a particular emphasis on representing clients in family-based petitions and adjustments of status. Since graduating from Seattle University School of Law in 2007, Mr. Tanijo has focused his practice on immigration law and has represented clients in removal defense, family- based petitions and adjustment of status, citizenship applications, VAWA applications, U visas, asylum, and appeals before the Board of immigration Appeals, the Administrative Appeals Office and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.


  • "Wow! My eyes are full of choking water. Thank you so much and I want to thank everybody for listening. Wow, Dr. Pat may I share a sentiment with you? Before we began I'd like to share a sentiment. You remember there's a show with Bob Barker "The Price is Right"? And where someone's name would get called and suddenly it would become a Pentecostal church where somebody receives the holy ghost and experiences a surge spontaneous burst of joy and you can just see all over their face. In that moment, what that sentiment feels like it's like, "Reverend Thabiti you're the next guest on The Dr. Pat Show!" and that's how I feel right now Dr. Pat. I want to thank to thank everybody for listening and I want the whole world to know Dr. Pat that I just love you so much. I just love you. I just think that I'm speechless."
    Rev. Thabiti

  • "First, I want to thank you for your show. These past few months have been tough and your show has pulled me through quite a few bad days. Almost every time I turn the show on, your topic is relevant to my current dilemma. Today was no exception!"

  • "Boy, do I like you. Anyone with a brain and a heart should listen to you! I enjoyed being on your show and even more listening to it."
    Gail Howard

  • "Wow, thank you Dr. Pat! I'm so thrilled to be here! You gave me the chills twice during your intro already. I absolutely love that story of you calling in to the wrong number and about your calling. God bless it's so great to be here."
    Billy Farr

  • "My relationship with Pat Baccili has impacted my life far beyond what I ever thought possible. From our first meeting my journey has been truly nothing short of miraculous. I was coming from a place of total despair and hopelessness; I had tried on my own, and through years of therapy to change my life but circumstances never changed and the frustration left me depressed and at the end of my rope. Pat saw the challenges I faced and taught me how to take control of my life (this wasn't always easy). She never preached, never reprimanded, but always showed me another perspective through kindness and sometimes humor. More often than not I'd leave shaking my head wondering how she did it, but she did and I was always able to move forward and implement what I learned. Thanks to Pat I've found my life's purpose and I'm writing a novel, a story that's been in my head for decades. I don't know where this will lead and on most days I don't think about it, but when I do I know the possibilities are endless. I'm not going to lie and say I never have doubts, I still do from time to time but I will say my relationships with those I love are stronger and definitely more peaceful. There is one thing I know for sure, Pat has saved my life and I will be eternally grateful to her."