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  10/15/2018      11:00 am

Conscious Confidence Radio - A Timeless Wisdom with Sarah Mane: The Master Key to Conscious Confidence

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Sarah Mane


Tune-in each month and join Sarah on an adventurous journey to the deeper level of meaning to move beyond today's world of constant change, confusion, and uncertainty beyond the shadow of fear.

This hit show explores key concepts such as confidence, values, and attitude in a dynamic way.

Learn to dispell the fear shadow as Sarah provides essential knowledge about embracing change and the power of transformation. Get ready for Conscious Confidence!


  • "Dr. Pat's Holistic Makeover is inspiring yet practical. She takes listeners' dreams and turns them into reality through her astute matching of audience members with professional coaches. I had the pleasure of being one of Dr. Pat's coaches for the 2009 Holistic Makeover. I recommend her program to anyone prepared to commit to focused work on themselves so they can live their dreams."
    Ellen DiNucci-Sponsor

  • "Thank you, first of all, for being such a champion of natural medicine and moving things forward in this community and for people all around the country and around the world. It's just amazing the work you do."
    Dr. Peter Bongiorno

  • "During our promotion of "Staya Erusa," Dr. Pat asked the kind of questions that only someone aware of the deeper levels of reality would ask. Her depth and breadth of knowledge make her stand tall in a world of commercial self-interest."
    Uri Geller

  • "Please express my gratitude to Dr. Pat for her wonderful endorsement and assistance with the launch of my new book. I loved being a guest on her show. Love and Light."
    Eldon Taylor, Ph.D

  • "I loved your show today with Dr. Margaret VanCoops on Crystal Acupunture and I also enjoyed chatting with you as well on air about Date Therapy. I am a huge fan of your show and an avid listener. Your show is a don't miss program!"
    Lydia Belton-Dr. Tranquility

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