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  03/15/2019      01:00 pm

The Kornelia Stephanie Show: The Millionaire Imprint for Women: Encore: Planning Your Resilient and Loving Legacy

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Marti Rogers

As a Financial Resilience Advocate, Marti Rogers brings her expertise and passion to empower women to build and sustain generational wealth. One unrelenting statistic says 95% of women will be their family’s primary financial decision maker at some point in their lives. Marti found herself in this exact position while being primary caregiver and primary financial decision maker for her mom during the last stages of her illness up until 5 years ago. This experience gave Marti the incentive to act with a deep sense of urgency for women to become financially informed, empowered and resilient in their lifetime.


  • "During our promotion of "Staya Erusa," Dr. Pat asked the kind of questions that only someone aware of the deeper levels of reality would ask. Her depth and breadth of knowledge make her stand tall in a world of commercial self-interest."
    Uri Geller

  • "Patricia! Thanks so much for reaching out to me about The Dr. Pat Show. I apologize for my tardiness but I was traveling. Tony Tracy, Chairman & CEO, and I met Dr. Pat at the NY Go Green Expo last year. There was an immediate connection as it relates to the passion we all share for the health of the Planet and the Perf Go Green company mission. We signed on for a year of monthly live interviews with Dr. Pat and have enjoyed every moment. She allows us to really direct the content each time, bringing in guests to broaden the appeal and reach of the interview. To specifically answer your questions below I would say the following. We have very clear quantitative results receiving phone calls and/or emails from listeners inquiring about our products, how much they love our products to some of these listeners actually becoming share holders of Perf Go Green Holdings! Now that's a great story for us and Dr. Pat. The biggest benefit? Well, having someone like Pat Baccili on your team and in your corner is a privilege. She continues to spread the word for PGG not only on air but wherever she goes. She's created business for us and for that we've said sign us up for another year. I hope this helps. Have a great weekend. Best regards,"
    Linda Daniels-Sponsor

  • "Dear Pat, I recently found your website and was so intrigued by all the wonderful speakers you have had on your show and the ones who were to be aired in the future. And more than that, you offer your services to everyone for free and I am so thankful to you for doing that. I had called today and had spoken to Doreen Virtue about my misfortunes in love, finances, losing custody of my children, etc. To receive divine guidance from Doreen about clearing my anger and releasing it gave me so much hope that things could get better. I did what she said and cried in pain and released and forgave addition, I saw that my anger was keeping me stuck where I was and that I was keeping my children from coming home, which they so want to be with me and I with them. After realizing that anger only hurts me and affects other, I will continue to release and allow love and ask my angels for continous help with this. I will share with my children tomorrow when I see them for a few hours what I have learned and teach them what I have learned about how anger has impacted my life, and will express my new desires and beginnings with them on a new journey of love (and I'm sure they'll join my journey)."

  • "Thank you so much. Dr. Pat's interview has been the most insightful and well done! Out of all the interviews the guys have done, this is the interview we highlight and send to every outlet." Jeannie McLaughlin for Brian Conaway and Jose Feliciano - 2 Hour House
    Brian Conaway and Jose Feliciano

  • "I tell so many of my friends. Because you know we all bump into struggles, or hard parts, or we are just curious. Get on 1150 because somebody's always touching base to peak your curiosity. You guys are very accessible and very generous with free readings per say. It's your generosity that draws people in and it keeps them close. It's like you're the candle and we are all drawn to your light."

Laura Meeks - Fly High Living