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  01/30/2020      10:00 am

The Ghost Helpers™ Show: The Power of a Spiritual Retreat

Soul Evolution: Past Lives & Karmic Ties by Tina Erwin and Laura Van Tyne

Learn how Karma and free will play pivotal roles in understanding our soul evolution. What is my soul purpose? Why did I choose this family? Can I change my destiny?

Karma and Frequency by Tina Erwin and Laura Van Tyne

A down to earth book that lays down the logic trail to understanding to understanding why frequency is so important and the role does karma plays in it all.

The Lightworkers Guide to Everyday Karma

This book takes an introspective look into how karma is applied to our everyday lives with spiritual insights to help you to have better karma for better living!


  • My ex-husband committed suicide over 10 years ago. Ever since, I had been haunted by him every night. I would see him out of the corner of my eye, I could feel him in bed with me. I have been so scared and had no idea what to do, how to help him or how to help ME! Thank you so much for the Crossing Over Prayer for Suicide. It has also saved my life, because I thought I would go crazy.
    Karen, IA

  • I found your podcasts on Facebook and I was so delighted to discover them. I found myself soaking up the wisdom of two wise women. You have given me clarity on some things in my personal life- much faster than any therapist!!! I just bought your book, Soul Evolution: Past Lives & Karmic Ties and CANNOT wait to get it!
    David, Mexico

  • I am extra grateful for your Crossing Over Prayer I found. I played it and read it and it drew up a spirit that had attached itself to my husband when he was overseas in the service. The miracle is that now that it’s gone, my husband is making shifts that I have been praying for. He is in a great place now. I thank you for returning my husband back to me!
    Jessie, NV

  • My daughter has felt like someone is always watching her. She never feels like she is alone and many times at night she is terrified. Thank you very much for your help on psychic kids. Your tools and strategies to really, truly clear a haunted home work!
    Terrie Ann, PA

  • After reading your book, Soul Evolution: Past Lives & Karmic Ties, I found myself at peace after a long time as I have been contemplating divorce and trying to figure out what is best for my family, what is the karma in a divorce? Thank you for this book.
    Stephen, NY

  • We had several ghosts in our restaurant and pub. However, after using their kit and saying the, "Crossing Over Prayer," they have crossed over. During a three year time span, we saw the ghosts and we also heard them call our names. We have other tangible evidence on hand from that period of time, too --- we have a CD with their recorded voices and we also have two photos which clearly depicts the ghosts. I know our success with crossing over the poor lost souls was directly attributed to Laura and Tina’s expertise. Not only do we no longer experience any signs of ghosts, but it is a happier and brighter environment. Even new customers who have no knowledge of our ghostly past comment on our cheery and happy establishment! On a final note, we recently had a customer stop in and she was born with the ability to see ghosts. Without telling her that we had crossed the ghosts over, I asked her if she observed any in our restaurant? She looked around and said she did not see any. This is more proof that the ghosts have crossed over! If you have a ghost present in your home or business, then please do them a favor and contact Tina and Laura! It is the most loving thing you can do for those who have passed yet are still caught in this world. Thank you, Laura and Tina! We are all ---- the living and the ghosts ---- in a much better place because of you! All My Best, Cindy
    Cindy, MI