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  02/22/2018      12:00 pm

A Life Untethered with Andrew Martin: Walking the Path of Freedom: Trusting Your Desires

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Jeremiah Nudell

Jeremy Nudell is an energy artist and teacher. He offers his unique perspective and transmissions of energy to illuminate and bring clarity to those attracted to his passionate process of awakening. Jeremy is the owner and operator of his platform Divinely Human, with his deepest inspiration and intuition acting as an energetic conduit bridging the gap between worlds.


  • "When I started working with Transformation Talk Radio, things really shot up to the next level! The coaching I've received from Dr. Pat has been invaluable, and I appreciate the many outlets to support and promote my message. I've made connections with guests, publicists, and other industry professionals, and some great working relationships have come from that. My on-air experience has been fabulous! I enjoy the challenge of crafting a good interview and making sure we are entertaining and enlightening listeners at the same time. The confidence and connection I've gained from my association with Transformation Talk Radio has helped me expand my business, and take my work to new heights." Karen Hager
    Karen Hager-Host

  • "Excellent question Pat! Not one that I get asked very often so thanks for asking. What have my a-ha moments been? There have been so many. I mean I am a totally different person than I was when I started studying this 10 years ago. My first a-ha moment was the a-ha that someone needs to study this. If we're trying to win the war on cancer why are we ignoring the people who've won? We should be talking to them. We should be studying them. So that was the first coin that dropped for me was just something like do this, study this, don't be afraid. It didn't scare me. It actually excited me. My dear friend died when we were 16 of stomach cancer so to be across from someone like him was told they were going to die and yet 25 years later that does not scare me. That gives me incredible hope and for a potential cure for cancer down the road."
    Dr. Kelly Turner

  • "Dr. Pat, thank you so much and really thank you for blazing the trail for women in talk radio. And just being such an inspiration to me and so many other people. What you’re doing is so awesome and without people like you there to really step out of the box and go for it, with the psychology background, I don’t know if someone like me would have ever ended up here but I’m so happy to be here and I want to thank you for everything you’re doing. You’re one of my major inspirations."
    Dr. Kelly Neff

  • "I loved it! Your stories are inspiring! You're doing God's work! God speed to all your listeners! Anytime you want me back I'm there!"
    Joe Vitale

  • "The fact that you started with this platform 10 years ago and it's really so beautiful. I listen to you speak and one of the things that I really in these short 10-15 minutes have really enjoyed. One person said to me, "Heather you are one of the most irreverently, reverent people I've ever met." And I think I just met my team player with that."
    Heather Beck McCloskey

Dr. Jeanette Wolfe, ND