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Gloria Rodriguez

The Extraterrestrial Trust Revolution (ETR) provides expertise in raising an individual's energy level through a 13-month course and 8 energy portal journeys. By raising one's energy level, connecting with Extraterrestrial and other loving peaceful energy is simple.

There are endless benefits for any individual who wishes to establish a relationship with Extraterrestrials as well as one's Higher Mind. The unconditional love, inner peace, and support Extraterrestrials offer will expand an individual's power as a loving creator. It is time for us to grow together in peace, love, harmony, unity, and support through this new revolution.


  • "I just finished a session with a person from the UK. I asked how she found me. She had done some searches, and then said she listened to some podcasts from the Dr. Pat Show. She loves you! And, that's how she found me. Wow!"
    Leslie Fonteyne - CoHost

  • "I loved your show today with Dr. Margaret VanCoops on Crystal Acupunture and I also enjoyed chatting with you as well on air about Date Therapy. I am a huge fan of your show and an avid listener. Your show is a don't miss program!"
    Lydia Belton-Dr. Tranquility

  • "Patricia! Thanks so much for reaching out to me about The Dr. Pat Show. I apologize for my tardiness but I was traveling. Tony Tracy, Chairman & CEO, and I met Dr. Pat at the NY Go Green Expo last year. There was an immediate connection as it relates to the passion we all share for the health of the Planet and the Perf Go Green company mission. We signed on for a year of monthly live interviews with Dr. Pat and have enjoyed every moment. She allows us to really direct the content each time, bringing in guests to broaden the appeal and reach of the interview. To specifically answer your questions below I would say the following. We have very clear quantitative results receiving phone calls and/or emails from listeners inquiring about our products, how much they love our products to some of these listeners actually becoming share holders of Perf Go Green Holdings! Now that's a great story for us and Dr. Pat. The biggest benefit? Well, having someone like Pat Baccili on your team and in your corner is a privilege. She continues to spread the word for PGG not only on air but wherever she goes. She's created business for us and for that we've said sign us up for another year. I hope this helps. Have a great weekend. Best regards,"
    Linda Daniels-Sponsor

  • "Thank you Dr. Pat. I am just so excited about your future and how you’re exploding. So, more people need Dr. Pat!"
    Listener-Rhonda Britten

  • "Well I'm going to be starting a show with Dr. Pat and her wonderful team coming in April. And it's all about financial healing and moving beyond your fears and moving beyond what is holding you back in life. And that's who I am at a deep level and it's why I am a financial healer, it's why I'm doing the work I do in my financial healing practice and my life purpose. And I want to thank Dr. Pat and all of her team for that." 
    Mary Jane Allen - CoHost