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  12/27/2019      01:00 pm

The Kornelia Stephanie Show: 2020 Refocus - Finances – Health – Career – Inner Work With Dawnette Palmore

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Dawnette Palmore

Dawnette Palmore, is a Financial Wellness Coach located in the beautiful city of Long Beach, California. She was a stay at home mom and small business owner for over 20 years. After years of frustration and hopelessness, Dawnette discovered some commonsense principals that helped her gain control of her money, gave her peace and hope for the future. Dawnette then made it her passion to create a world where people are not imprisoned by their finances, but are empowered to live out their purpose.


  • "I've been on Dr. Pat's show on several occasions and I never cease to be impressed with how professional and engaging she is. Dr. Pat always gets the guest to bring out the most interesting and informative details. She is an upbeat, intelligent, alluring and entertaining host. I highly recommend the Dr. Pat Show if you want to open your mind and broaden your horizons."  Mark Anthony
    Mark Anthony

  • "Thank you Dr. Pat. I am just so excited about your future and how you’re exploding. So, more people need Dr. Pat!"
    Listener-Rhonda Britten

  • "Please tell Dr. Pat I said thank you for having me on her radio program today, how gracious she was, and what great questions she asked--there were a couple I had never been asked before and I had to think about!   I really appreciated the opportunity to share Katherine's story and share in her mission to bring hope to the Lyme community."
    Eliza Hemenway - guest

  • "Dr. Pat Bacilli is that rare intuitive Media Educator whose enthusiasm and prescience are "tuned in" far beyond the station. She can generate multidimensional sparks on the air--and possibly around you at home...Her deceptively concise interviews pack a lot more than information...and I suspect are broadcast to unlisted, "non-local" stations far far away...She delivers an "energy burst" more than an "interview." She also seems to know if you're onto something "new" before you do; pay attention to that. My suspicion is that, by design, you get more than "words" when you listen to Dr. Pat's interviews and can take in more information. That's just one woman's opinion from a Parallel Universe..."
    Sandra H. Rodman

  • "Pat, what an Angel and a Voice you are !! We are so blessed to have you here in PNW !! Being on the leading edge of change is delicious, Thank-you for all you are and do." Carla