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Journey into Spiritual Healing with Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe: Embracing Divine Presence, Unity and Love

Discover Your Inner Beauty Through Healing Your Relationship with Yourself

Within each of us is a beautiful light that reflects our unique core essence. Most people live in a state of shame and unworthiness, damaged by the projections and rejections of others and don't experience this lig... 

  Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Co-Hosts: Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, Dr. Pat Baccili

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Empowerment Radio with Dr. Friedemann Schaub

How to Reset your Life with Dr. Foojan Zeine

Have you ever wished you could just wake up one day and hit the Life Reset button? Do you struggle with old self-sabotaging patterns and limiting beliefs that prevent you from having succe... 

  Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Host: Dr. Friedemann Schaub

Guest: Foojan Zeine

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Shine On Radio with Kelly - Find Your Shine!

Live with the woman who started it all, Dr. Pat Bacilli!

Dr. Pat Baccili is the founder of Transformation Talk Radio and helps individuals and organizations break through their limiting Crust so they can reach their unlimited potential. Together we will be diving in to disc... 

  Monday, April 4, 2016

Host: Kelly Anne Wadler

Guest: Dr. Pat Baccili

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Shine On Radio with Kelly - Find Your Shine!

Raising Happy Successful Children in the 21st Century

Kelly will be on with the founders of The Successful Child Trisha Pasternak- Berliner and Berit Rostad. Tune into learn how to help support and build a child’s positive/healthy self-esteem, decrease difficult behavior...