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Sharing Love & Light Show with Kimberly Barrett: Vibration and Consciousness on the Planet

Energy Healing 101

Ever had an Energy Healing? Curious about Energy Healing? The Topic this Week on the Sharing Love and Light Show is all about Energy Healing. Kimberly will share from her experience of receiving Energy Healing, Tra... 

  Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Host: Kimberly Barrett LCSW

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The Spark with Stephanie James: Igniting Your Best Life

The Quantum Brain

We all want to live fully ignited!! And we can! This week we explore love, life, and living fully as we actualize our quantum brian.  My guests quantum physicist Amit Goswami (What the Bleep Do We Know) and Dr... 

  Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Host: Stephanie James

Guests: Dr. Amit Goswami , Valentina Onisor

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The Spark with Stephanie James: Igniting Your Best Life

Angels Among Us with Adria Estribou

We have all heard the song, "I believe ther are angels among us," but how many of us really believe this is true.  The bible has hundreds of references to people seeing angels, and yet in modern days, this can... 

  Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Host: Stephanie James

Guest: Adria Estribou

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The Creative Empowerment Show with Rachel Chase: Invoking Radical Love

Accessing The Core of Love Within

Rachel shares more about her healing journey from self-destruction to self-reconsciliation. Learn how mindfulness, energy healing, and compassion can help you move through trauma, grief, self-doubt, and confusion. 

  Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Host: Rev. Rachel Chase M.A.

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