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IaM Power Hour: Soul Stretching Success with Terry J. Walker

Navigating the C’s of Our Life in times of Fear and Uncertainty

As the Captain of our ship, we must navigate through the Contrast of storms and enlightenment. During our journey, we experience success, appreciation, and happiness. By C 

  Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Co-Hosts: Terry J. Walker M.A., Dr. Pat Baccili

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Living Your Gifts Radio with Susan Hough: Ancient Applications for Modern Times

Global Rites of Passage: Navigating the Unknown

Discussing our current situation around the globe and how we can, as a community make it through this. Community, really everything in life, looks very different now, but we can find ways that are new and make it t... 

  Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Co-Hosts: Susan Hough, Dr. Pat Baccili

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