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Shades of Spirit: Making Sacred Connections Bringing A Shade Of Spirit To You with Psychic Medium Jaime & "Spiritwalker" Nicole

Dream Interpretation Through the Eyes of Your Spirit Team

Most of us have woke up at one point in our lives and though “what the heck does this dream mean?” We reach for our phones to look up the meaning of a donkey, balloon and river. We write down the meanin... 

  Monday, January 25, 2021

Host: Psychic Medium Jaime

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A Spirited Exchange with Kerry Cadambi: For Evolution of the Modern Mind

Dreams - Doorway to Your Evolution

Have you ever wondered why we dream?  Do you want to know the meaning of your dreams and how to interpret them?  In th... 

  Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Host: Kerry Cadambi

Guest: Dr. Pamela Alexander Ph.D.

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